Privacy Policy

Your privacy is what matters the most to SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA. In this privacy policy you will find out how we transmit, transfer, and store your personal information. By using our app, you automatically agree to everything listed in this privacy policy. Therefore, take a moment to study all of the information and contact us in case you have any questions

Information We Collect And Keep Track of

If you are planning to use our products and services, as well as other activities such as payment transactions, chatting on forums, etc., then we will need your personal information, namely: your name, address, mobile number, as well as the name and type of your mobile device. Here are some other examples when we might need your personal information: If you decide to buy something through our application, the following information will be collected automatically: SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA Mobile ID, IMSI, IMEI, your phone number, detailed information about your mobile device, and credit card number; If you contact our customer support, we will keep track of the following information: your name and address, all of the required information about your mobile device, as well as the problem that you have encountered during the use of our application; There will be moments when SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA going to need to access to the internet(payment is charged by a local operator) for a number of reasons, including: 1) connect to a server in order to register for other services; 2) connect to cloud security platform to make our security even better and protect you from any possible scamming, including viruses, malware programs, annoyance calls, and other threats; 3) define user type to provide the right type of services to a customer; 4) see if there is a new version of our application, and if there is, install it on your device; 5) other reasons; SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA may also collect information about your or your child’s device in the following cases: 1) when you activate certain products using our application or go through a registration process; 2) when you subscribe to the services of SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA; 3) when you update the security products of our application; 4) when you use anti-lost to figure out the location of your device; 5) for several other reasons; SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA has the right to read your or your child’s SMS/MMS to do the following: 1) scan websites and messages for any possible viruses or any other threats; 2) get rid of any spam messages; 3) filter private messages; 4) when you let us know that there have been suspicious messages sent to you;5) when you write any positive reviews about our services. SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA may access your or your children’s contact in a variety of cases, including 1) when you use the contacts backup feature; 2) when you manage contacts with the help of our application; 3) when you recommend our services or import your contacts; Before collecting any personal information about your own device, we will first check the purposes for which the information will be used. We will then let you know about it, and you will be the one to decide whether you agree to provide us the required information. If you refuse to provide us the necessary information, then the transaction will be immediately cancelled and none of your data will be collected; According to the law, all of the collected information will be 100% confidential. It will not be used for any illegal purposes and shared with anyone; We will not collect more information than necessary about you or your child.

Reasons as to Why We Collect Your Personal Information

We collect your personal information only for the reasons listed below. Keep in mind that the main reason why it’s done is because we want to keep improving our services to let you fully enjoy our application. To always keep you updated. We will constantly inform you about all of the updates, technical notes, security alerts, and other things that you need to know. Your personal information will also be helpful whenever you decide to contact our customer support to ask any questions, or leave a feedback; To understand what you like and want to see us improve in the future. Some of your information is collected automatically to better understand what exactly you prefer, improve our services, and make adjustments to our products; To inform you about any upcoming events or promotions; To protect your personal information from any possible fraud and keep it 100% confident; To make our products and services better for our users; To let you buy and download our products; To allow co-partners of SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA to use your personal data. You have nothing to worry about, because they guarantee to keep your personal information 100% protected. Besides, they may use it only when working on behalf of SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA; To encrypt photos and videos, prevent eavesdropping, make sure that all of your contacts stay private, and block spam phone calls.

How We Share Your Personal Data

Your personal information might be shared with our partners. If that’s the case, then we will require them to honor our Privacy Policy; In order for our application to work and work efficiently, we hire third-party companies and individuals who provide customer support, hosting, payment processing, email delivery, as well as mobile analytic. According to the law and our privacy policy, they do not have the right to use your personal information for their own purposes or in any other illegal way; Although we do not share your information with third parties without your consent, there are exceptions. We may provide your information to government or law enforcement agencies or individuals in the following cases: 1) for security purposes and to prevent fraud; 2) in accordance with the requirements of the law, and if such a decision is taken by the court; 3) in the case of a judicial investigation; Your personal information may be transferred to other people in the event of the sale or transfer of our business.


If you enjoy using our products and services, then it’s best to recommend our application to your friends and acquaintances, who will surely be thankful to you for protecting their devices. It only takes a few seconds to do it and you don’t need to provide anything but the name of the person and his/her email. We will then send a one-time email to your friend to invite him to use our products and services. SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA fully complies with international information requirements for the protection of your personal information. This includes some technical and programmed actions that can protect your personal information from unauthorized access and misuse. We use SSL to collect information about your credit card and the location of you or your child. However, it is worth remembering that no method of storing information on the Internet is completely secure, so we can not give any guarantees about absolute security.


SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA website uses cookies quite often. A cookie is a text file with data that is written to the browser by the server of the site you are visiting. This data is login and password informationб individual settings and user preferences, visitor statistics, etc. The main parameter of a cookie is its expiration date. By default, this is one computer session. Files are deleted every time you close the browser. However, if they have an expiration date, they become permanent, and are deleted upon expiration or by the browser cleaning function. Cookies are necessary for the convenience of using the Internet. For example, once you log into your profile on the site, you will not need to constantly enter your login and password every time the tab is closed. Individual account settings can also be saved thanks to cookies. You can always disable cookies, but if you do that, you won’t be able to use some of the features of our services.

Email Content

SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA will never read or reveal any of your private email conversations, that we got during your use of our services.


If you have already downloaded and installed our application and you have your own account, then you can change your personal information in your profile at any time. That being said, if you are dissatisfied with our application and want to stop using it, then you can send us a request to delete your account as well as all of the personal information that has been kept by us all this time. We may request additional information from you to verify your identity and fulfill your requirements. Keep in mind that there are cases when we have to reject requests of our users to delete their account, in case it violates the law. In this case, we will have to retain your information for security and fraud prevention purposes. If we reject your request, we will describe the reason in detail. And if we do accept your request, then you will no longer be able to use your account. All your personal information will be deleted from our active database, where it is allowed by law. Even after deletion, some information can still be stored in backup files or other places where it is not possible to delete it.

Marketing Communications

If you are not interested in marketing-relating communications, then you can either cancel it yourself by following the prompts, or message us to help you. Even after cancelling them, you will still receive service-related messages that have nothing to do with marketing.

International Data Use

The headquarters of SOCIETATEA CU RĂSPUNDERE LIMITATĂ CĂTĂLINA is located in the United Kingdom, and the company's partners are located in countries all around the world. Thus, your personal information can be used, collected, and also stored in the United Kingdom and in other countries. Please remember that the privacy laws in the country where your personal information is stored may differ from your country of residence.

Children’s Policy

Our application is not intended for anyone under 13 years of age. That said, if you are a parent of the child who isn’t yet 13 years old is and is using our services, then you can contact us right away, and we will immediately remove all of the personal information about your child.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this privacy policy at any time at our discretion. If we decide to make any serious changes, we will immediately inform you by sending an explanatory letter (we need to have your email for this). Any changes accepted take effect from the second they are published. If you have read the updated privacy policy, but do not agree with something, then you will need to inform us about this and ask us to delete your profile and personal information before the updated privacy policy takes effect. If you continue using our products and services after the update privacy policy takes effects, it will mean that you automatically agree with everything.